Shooting Course

39.00 pp

Minimum number of Persons: 6

Activity Includes:
Ok-25 Professional indoor range
Ok-25 Instructor
Ok-25 Safety course
Ok-25 Protective ear & eyewear
Ok-25 3 different guns: Small-bore gun, 9 mm glock, magnum revolver
Ok-25 25 bullets
Ok-25 Optional: pump-action shotgun


Down Filled-25 (1) Please choose No. of Persons and your Arrival date.



No need to sign yourself up for military service just to experience the thrill and excitement that can only be felt by shooting guns. The UK’s firearm laws forbids any activities shooting live rounds… but guess what, Slovenian law doesn’t. From a small-bore gun, through to the 9 mm Glock to majestic Magnum, you will try different pistols and revolvers to show how good your marksmanship is. A Certified instructor will explain the basics of gun shooting: safety, stance, grip, aim, breathe, squeeze… feel the adrenalin… BANG! You can also complete the experience by shooting the pump-action shotgun, which is highly recommended.


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