Schnapps Tasting

12.00 pp

Minimum number of Persons: 6

Activity Includes:
Ok-25 4 shots of local schnaps
Ok-25 Cheese & crackers
Ok-25 Includes guide if added to Pub Crawl


Down Filled-25 (1) Please choose No. of Persons and your Arrival date.



Slovenia has a long culture of home distilling Schnapps. Every village had at least one distillation that used anything from fruits, wine, potatoes, berries, nuts, grass & herbs… some locals even used poisonous salamander to spike their product. The best schnapps is no doubt Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy created by monks.

Tasting includes 4 shots of quality local produce but can continue on “pay per shot” basis as long as you wish. If you decide to buy some bottles they will be delivered to your hotel free of charge.



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