Gourmet Feast

78.00 pp

Minimum number of Persons: 6

Activity Includes:
Ok-25 Feast (transfer & food)
Ok-25 Drinks not included!


Down Filled-25 (1) Please choose No. of Persons and your Arrival date.



The Žagar family have been focusing on the same thing for the last forty years: the well-being of their guests. This care involves the basic things, those which are served on plates and in glasses, as well as the less obvious things, such as the pleasant enjoyable atmosphere, friendly service and lively music. The harmonies to help even the largest mouthful go down smoothly were once provided by the thunderous tenor of the elder Žagar, a former boxer known in his fighting days as Pulinoga or Pullfoot. When it comes to basic things the dishes are always seasonal and based on the Slovenian inn-keeping tradition. The chef prepares them from carefully selected ingredients brought in to the Skaručna kitchen from farmers’ granaries and silos, from the cool store of the nearby hunting society and from the surrounding fields and forests. If you believe that there is no decent barbeque and grilling to be found north of the Istrian peninsula; if you are saddened by the lack of cured, expertly treated meat; if you are used to game with the texture and consistency of a shoe sole; and if you believe that ox meat should only be served at fêtes – it is high time for you to update your experience database so get the full experience, take your time and treat yourself to a whole afternoon or evening of excellent food. The fact is that it is best to visit Skaručna on an empty stomach and spend the following day fasting and praying.


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